Yoga (in english) bei J. Lacher
verantwortlich: Nadine Wilken
The Class
This yoga class will be held in english and is aimed for beginners and intermediate yoga-practitioners. The teachings are based on the Pranayoga-method and together we are going to explore the inner spaces of our body while we maintain groundedness, stability, alignment, and mental focus in every asana. The practise will be deep, creative and with an attuned awareness of our anatomy.
We will start the semester with some basic asanas and exercises and will evolve towards the end.
You don´t need to be a native speaker to take part of this class. If translation is needed i can help out in german and french.

Beginner to medium
The beginners class adresses people that have no to little experience in hatha yoga. We are going to work on the basics and create a good and safe fundament upon which the students can progress further on their yogic path.
Here we are focusing on the grounding and alignment principles and introduce some pranayama (breathwork) into our practise.
The Pranayoga-Method
The Pranayoga method does not indicate a new style of Yoga but a practice of teaching, which has grown and developed in respect of the classic tradition of Hatha Yoga. It aims to improve the flux and puritication of Prana/Energy, both in the physical body and in the subtle structures which constitutes the mind.
About me
My Name is Johannes Lacher. Eventhough i had my first contact with yoga in my teenage years I truly started practising yoga during my studies of architecture in weimar and Berlin. There I got in contact with my teacher Amanda Morelli and the Pranayoga-Method which fascinated me. To dive deeper into the knowledge of Yoga and the Pranayogamethod i decided to commit to a 3 Year (700h) Yoga-Teacher-Training with Amanda and her father Maurizio Morelli.

Attention: Please bring comfortable clothes, socks, a blanket or a towel and something to drink with you!
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5526Anfänger - MittelstufeMi09:45-11:15USR Mensa21.10.2019-08.02.2020Johannes Lacher
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